Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie

Maurice LaMarche


Egghead (voice)

Mr. Big (voice)

Yosemite Same

Sir Langsdale (voice)

King (voice)

Tapper (voice)

Dr. Willing / News Anchor (voice)

White / Bavaro (voice)

Morbo / Walt / Sun God / Destructor / Additional Voices (voice) (archive footage)

Igg the Cow (voice)

Principal Poncherello Pegone Pixiefrog

Alec Baldwin (voice)

The Beagle Boys/Additional Voices (voice)

Balto / Moose 1 / Moose 2 (voice)

Big Bob Pataki/Head of Security

Sleet / Oracle of Delphius / Swatbots / Uncle Chuck / Yellow Floaty Thing / Bidding Lion / Ifyoucan / Hotep / Luke Periwinkle / Athair (voice)

Morbo / Kif Kroker (voice)

Fred Bishop - Simon's Dad on Phone (voice) (uncredited)

The Brain (voice)

Yosemite Sam as General Pandemonium (voice) (as Maurice La Marche)

Orson Welles (voice) (uncredited)

Scuttle (voice)

Interrogator #2 / Mash / drunken bar patron / Dr. Vincent "Vegas Vinnie" Whiskers / Jack Deebs (super hero version) (voice)

Hugh Tazmanian Devil (voice)


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